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The Breast Augmentation to Enhance Beauty

The breast augmentation also called the augmentation mammoplasty is usually performed to enhance the size, contour, and appearance of the woman’s breast. Women go for the breast augmentation for a variety of reasons.

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Breast implants

The breast augmentation is usually performed by placing the breast implants under or over a chest muscle. The incision may be placed aroundvfzxqgff the nipple or in the axilla. The breast augmentation procedure is minimally invasive processes.

For the process whereby the incision is made in the armpit, the thin tube with a small light and camera may be used. The breast implants are usually made up of the silicone shell that is filled with silicone gel or saline. The woman will determine the desired size that she wishes to have by using the different trial implants.

Breast reduction

The breast reduction procedure is performed to women with gigantic breasts. There are women with enormous breasts who usually feel lots of discomfort as a result of their large breasts. The large breasts in women are known to cause then numbness, weakness, back pain, and even neck pain. During the breast reduction procedure, the excess fat of the skin and the excess breast tissues are usually removed.

However, it is critical to note that after this type of surgery, the breast sensation can change, and it can also lead to the inability to breastfeed. Women who have undergone breast reduction have reported relied on some of the symptoms that are caused by the oversized breasts.

Breast lifts

vbjkyfgfThe breast lifts is another breast augmentation procedure that is performed by women to enhance their beauty. Some women have sagging breasts because their skin is loose to support their breasts. Another reason that causes the breasts to sag is too much skin as compared to the breast tissue. The breast lift procedure is also called mastopexy.

To perform this breast procedure, the excess skin is usually removed. Various surgical techniques are used to achieve this. One of the surgical procedures is the wise pattern whereby an incision goes below the breast and around the chest. The second one is the LeJeiur whereby the incision does down and around the areola. Last but not least is the peri-areolar whereby the incision is used around the areola alone.

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