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The History of Luminox watches and The Navy SEAL’s

Navy Seal Watch 06

Luminox watches are known by the self-powered illumination system that is special to them, and guaranteed to last for at least ten years.

In order to include this facility, Luminox undergoes additional manufacturing steps that no other watches in the world do. The history of
Luminox is carefully tied to this unique function of its watches.

Richard Timbo and Barry Cohen, two company associates who knew each other through their career as sales reps, were searching for developing a market for branded items or exclusive technology that would position an obstacle on competition. They discovered the Swiss business RMBG, which had a unique illumination innovation and recommended that this technology be integrated into Swiss watches and got unique rights for the use of the technology in Northern America.

The new design watches, which were initially marketed under the brand of the Swiss company, was quickly re-christened Luminox, a name highly suggestive of its unique lighting capabilities that had been originated from the Latin roots Lumi, suggesting light, and nox meaning night.

The unidentified brand name of watches was still struggling to make a mark in a competitive market that laid terrific value by brand name, when
it got a break through a call from a US navy procurement officer. In 1993, the business got an invite from the procurement officer of the US Navy SEAL teams to provide it with a specifically designed variety of watches. The United States navy’s Sea, Air and Land (SEAL) teams required a dive watch for use on their night missions. Luminox took up the task and worked with its Swiss partner for nine months before coming out with the first Navy SEAL watch in 1994.

This was a turning point in the history of Luminox watches. The seal of approval offered by the SEAL’s enhanced the reliability of the brand name and increased its image in the market. Demand for the watches started to grow. The business began selling its plastic design Luminox watches.…

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