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Men and Fashion

Bradley Cooper in SuitIf a man can choose clothes that suit him, he is definitely capable of succeeding with the latest in men’s fashion, both at work and when he is out and about. However, not all men’s fashion suit all cultures and climates. In most cases, the work a person does is a major factor on deciding the type of clothes one should wear. If you work on the field in a tropical country, you should wear light fabric shirts and pants. But if you work in an office and are an executive a business suit with a nice shirt and expensive tie would be the best way to go.

There are some workplaces that have a very relaxed dress code. In such offices, they rarely call for a suit or tuxedo. However, it’s always good to wear shirts with minimal patterns. Check’s and pinstripes and clean, sharp lines are still in fashion and could be considered. If you want to make a statement, there are several designer brands that have come out with a variety of suits, shirts and pants in many contemporary colors and designs. The new lines of designer clothes can go from being casual to smart. Solid colored cotton suits 02shirts with a nice trim custom fit in a nice blue or white can easily find a matching pants and can be worn to work as well as a social event. You can also wear a nice light brown pair of chinos to work with a blazer with or without a tie. As far as accessories go aa there are computer bags, messenger bags that are very practical for a Friday when most places are in casual mode.

When going out on the weekend, you want to be as comfortable ass possible without compromising on fashion. The best and still fashionable is the vintage cargo pants. It’s worth the investment and can give you a lifetime of wear. A nice cotton polo shirt and then you are ready. But wait you need shoes too, so if you like the outdoors and go hiking you should get a good comfy but durable pair of shoes. However, if you are more of a city person a nice pair of leather casual shoes would be perfect.

A man should always be aware of new fashion. It is always good to replace your old outdated wardrobe for a new more stylish design. There are many colors and designs to chose from, and clothes are becoming more and more a part of how we express ourselves.

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