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Epilators and Smooth Skin

Epilators are an excellent little device for removing undesirable hair. Each hair removal technique (i.e., waxing, shaving, electrolysis) has its advantages and disadvantages. The same is true for the epilator.

Epilator 01On the PRO side, epilators are less unpleasant than waxing, the outcomes last far longer than shaving, and the cost is nowhere near that of electrolysis. All in all, they’re practical, cost effective, and quite darn efficient on their job (so long as you get a quality product).

On the CON side, we have pain. Lots and lots of discomfort. I know, I’ve read the posts that promote the epilator as a “pain-free” hair removal alternative. But it’s just not true.

Each hair is being pulled directly out of the roots by the root. Naturally, that’ll hurt a bit. The pain is similar to the sting of waxing, except it’s extended.

That’s the kicker.

With waxing, there’s a fast pull, and you’re done. Epilators have to be run through the hair, the slower the better so that its little grabbers can acquire each hair and pull it out.

Why Bother?Epilator 03

For the results! And the convenience. Weeks of smooth, hairless skin from an easy, chemical free process that can be done at the house with one inexpensive tool.

Epilators perform best on coarser hair. For those with great leg hair, it might not prove worth it to bother epilating your legs. However, they work effectively to get rid of hair from the swimsuit line and underarms.

The underarms are the most painful, however oddly pleasing when done. The roots are empty, unlike with shaving where the blunt end of the hair lies right at the surface. And you will not see regrowth for a couple of weeks, so you may find it rewarding to go through the discomfort for those results.

How to Minimize The Pain.

Epilator 02Holding the skin taut helps a lot, and it’ll keep you from getting any tender folds of skin captured in the grabbers. You may need to wrangle yourself into some uncomfortable positions to get the best angle (especially for the swimsuit line), but it’ll become easier with a bit of practice.

For the ladies, prevent epilating in the week before you menstruate as your body is particularly pain conscious throughout that time. And move from one location to another regularly to spread the pain out a bit, so it’s not such a concentrated feeling.

Enduring the pain has its rewards. In time, you end up being less delicate in those areas, and epilating may end up being no big deal.

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