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5 Easy Acne Treatments for Teens

Teens have a high risk of getting acne as a result of the changing hormones that occur during puberty. The change in hormones stimulates the glands in the pores to produce more oil, which end up clogging the pores. Here are some of the most effective treatment options.

Keep your face clean72u8809fhkd

Regardless as to whether you have acne or not, you must ensure that your face is clean at all times. You need to wash your face twice a day to get rid of all impurities, dead skin cells and excess oil from the skin surface. Wash your face with warm water and a mild facial cleanser. Avoid using harsh soaps such as deodorant body soap to prevent hurting the already inflamed skin or causing irritation.

Moisturize your skin

Most of the acne products in the market have ingredients that make the skin dry. Therefore, make sure that you only use products that reduce dryness and peeling of the skin. There are different moisturizers that are made specifically for dry, oily or combination of skin types. By use of the right moisturize it with easy to get rid of the acne. If you do not know the right moisturizer to use according to your skin type, always consult a dermatologist or any other skin care expert.

Avoid using a lot of makeup

Most teens have the tendency of overusing makeup as they try to add beauty to their skin. When you have a breakout of acne, avoid applying powder, wearing foundation or blush. In case you wear makeup, make sure you wash it off completely at the end of the day. If possible, select oil free cosmetics without any chemical or dyes. Ensure that you read all ingredients before you apply any product on your skin to treat acne.

jydy09860Take care of what you apply on your hair

Avoid use of oils, fragrances and gels on your hair. If they get on your face, they will lead to blockage of skin pores and cause irritation to your skin. Oily hair can also lead to oil on your face which can lead to an escalation of the acne.

Feed your skin and exercise regularly

To treat the acne fast, avoid eating a lot of junk and greasy food. Eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. You should also exercise regularly to burn extra fast in your body that might cause acne on your skin.

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